Outdoor Demand Side Platform (DSP)

For OutMoove, Outdoor is all that matters. Our realtime outdoor advertising buying platform is easy to use because we use the language and metrics of Outdoor. Our focus also means we offer a growing number of unique Outdoor features that you will not find elsewhere. With OutMoove, you can be sure you have all you need to create effective and engaging Outdoor campaigns.


The inventory overview section offers all relevant screen data in one handy place.

  • Availability
  • Reach
  • Locations
  • Creative format requirements


Target the screens you want using any of the following targeting options.

  • Geographical based
  • Inventory characteristics
  • Publishers data
  • Your data
  • Time based


Only activate a campaign when your external conditions are met.

  • Radio commercial detection
  • Weather conditions
  • Traffic Jams
  • Events
  • Custom data


Accurate, realtime reports allow you to optimize your campaigns.

  • Export via Excel, csv and api
  • Per campaign, lineitem, day, hour, screen
  • Mobile app for quick stats
  • Log level data available

Mobile ads

Extend your Digital Out of Home campaigns with Mobile in-app ads near the targeted screens.

  • Target people on their mobile after they passed your Outdoor campaign
  • Extend the message of your brand, activate your audiences
  • Reach people via multiple screens

Support and extending the platform

We want to help you to set up and manage a campaign as easy as possible.

  • Your own geo based databases to enhance the targeting
  • Use the API for custom moments to activate the campaign
  • Integrations with partners in the outdoor eco system