Zamro Case: Programmatically bought football stadion screens combined with live match data

September 20, 2017
Last Saturday, September 16 2017, Zamro programmatically bought impressions via OutMoove on digital screens near the entrance and inside the football stadion of PEC Zwolle, a club that plays in the highest Dutch football league.

That by itself is a world’s first, but what made it even more special is the use of live match data to dynamically change the creative and the moment the impressions were bought.

After a goal the creatives changed, before the match both teams were wished good luck and after the match the winner was congratulated. All fully automatic via OutMoove’s advanced, easy to use, buying platform.

This was part of a bigger Zamro programmatic DOOH campaign where they also used OutMoove to sync Highway Billboards with their radio commercial and to target digital screens at amateur sportclubs and gas stations across the country.

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